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India's first AI enabled electric cruiser bike

Dec 20, 2021

In the era, where the craze for moto vehicles blooms in the air, we tried adding a little tint of sustainability and comfort to it. Don’t bother about adjusting the seat or various other technicalities in every little while, we’ve got that covered! With the hustle culture comes a brain storm and what could be more refreshing than a road trip with your folks! These electric vehicles that we introduce and make you relish the ease and comfort, the one that comes with cruiser vehicles. With the economic feasibility and the friendliness that these provide to our surroundings and your body, these electric bikes are a one stop destination for you to unveil many more destinations! The options are never limited! We provide a wide range of such two – wheelers that would offer you no complaints and/ or demands! These electric vehicles include quite a lot of handy features that are not too hard to get through with and also come with a guide. These long – distance touring electric bikes can get accustomed to your routine as well, with a bonus of travelling ranging distances pretty viably. The performance is of no question! These touring bikes glide so smooth that you won’t feel most of the bumps while taking a de route from your originally planned destination

Easily chargeable Bikes

Dec 10, 2021

Electric touring vehicles that we intend to make does not exploit fuel, just like the name suggests, they run on electricity and can give a long - lasting performance without any inconveniences, the user just has to be attentive about the recharging hours of the electric bike. These touring vehicles can run up to 300 kms in one go, ensuring a fun, stress free and an unrestrictive trip. These energy – conserving touring vehicles does not prove to be a bummer for new learners given the fact that they are pretty easy to ride on. With the concept that we put forth, we make sure that a bike enthusiast would not have to compromise with the performance of the vehicle and would not be required to take little breaks on and off just to comfort themselves as these electric bikes are designed specially with taking care of the same fact with an extra benefit of reducing the carbon emission on our planet. What could be better than the fact of enjoying the thrilling ride without causing harm to the environment!